About LinkSpokes

LinkSpokes is one of the many free tools that are available to all members of CitySpokes.com. Out tagline for CitySpokes.com is "Everything local in one place." By joining CitySpokes.com, which is also free, you will be able to use PlannerSpokes an electronic daily planner that your calendar, task lists, memory joggers, email reminders, shopping, storage, and a very helpful tool called MemorySpokes.

Also included in CitySpokes is the ability to post and search yard sales for items you are Interested in, post and search Lost & Found pets, submit bid requests to local merchants, ask questions from local government, post your personal stories that may help others, as well as read the stories from others.

You can also take advantage of custom learning tools for the students in your family where they can improve their math skills with Math for Prizes, as well as learn state capitals, foreign languages, and anything you want to learn that can prompt you for questions and answers. These are sort of like electronic flash cards with a timer, and if successful, prizes.

And since local businesses can post their News Items, Events, Specials, Help Wanted Ads, and helpful videos, you will also have full access to the Master Event Calendar, be aware of any Specials that businesses post, and also be able to stay up with what is happening in your local city and county.

Finally, you can create your own LinkSpokes that connects your relevant spokes of information in your life and can be organized into a single, shareable link. To create and manage your own LinkSpkes, you do that within CitySpokes.com at your Member Dashboard.