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CitySpokes: Overviews

Welcome to our LinkSpokes about CitySpokes. We think you will find a lot of valuable tools to help you better organize and get a lot more out of your life. CitySpokes is where you will find everything local in one place. It is also where all the segments of a city can come together, like the spokes of a wheel, to support each other.

To begin, click the button below to display the various roles you might have in your city. If you have multiple roles, like being a resident as well as owning a business, you should explore both roles, as CitySpokes is tailored differently for each role. You may not use all the programs included for each role, but we think you will find some extremely beneficial programs that are free within each role that will definitely help you.

We plan to begin launching CitySpokes in July, and will continue across the nation based on where we get the most support. So, if you can share this link with your family, friends and neighbors, we would sure appreciate it. It could also help bring CitySpokes to them earlier. If you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to call our tech support line at 866-522-2066 and we will do all we can to help you.