Color Key


Welcome to our LinkSpokes package about CitySpokes. The package will guide you through the many benefits and tools you will receive when you join CitySpokes. The package includes many short videos to make the learning process more entertaining. We recommend starting at the top button, and going down the package, folder by folder, button by button, through at least the Resident Overview video before selecting a user type further down the list.

Blue buttons represent folders that contain more buttons, so as you open new nested folders, start at the top of each group and click down through those buttons as well. Green buttons take you out of the LinkSpokes package to watch a YouTube video. Purple buttons provide information not contained on a website nor in a video. As you finish a button, you can either use the "bread crumb" in the upper right corner, or click your browser's back button when watching videos.

We have included numbers (not in order) next to each button item. There are two methods for tracking which buttons you have clicked so when you return from a video or a folder, you will know the next button to click. The first is to jot down each button number you click, and the second is to use the Outline link below to view and/or print and annotate the outline as you proceed.